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Smith - Junior Projects: Term Paper

A set of resources for juniors completing Dr. Smith's class projects.

Spring 2017 Research Paper

So you have to write a research paper on FDR and the New Deal? Use these library resources below to find the primary sources and secondary sources you need to support your point of view! 


Click on images to see source.

Required Reading

Library Books

Primary Sources

Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary Sources: 
Primary sources are first-hand, authoritative accounts of an event, topic, or historical time period. They are typically produced at the time of the event by a person who experienced it, but can also be made later on in the form of personal memoirs or oral histories. Think original documents.  

Secondary Sources: 
Secondary sources interpret or critique primary sources. They often include an analysis of the event that was discussed or featured in the primary source.

Using databases from off campus

You can use any of our databases from off campus if you have the correct user name and password for access. We may not post these publicly, so they reside on a Google Site page that requires your JBS email login for access.

Click HERE to see a clickable list of databases along with their user names and passwords.

Searching Tips

  • Use the Advanced Search
  • Use AND to combine keywords and phrases when searching.
  • Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases
  • Don't limit yourself to just one database or one set of search results.
  • When searching for books, use broader terms than when searching for articles.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Control+F (or Command+F on the Mac) to find a word somewhere on a page. (This works for web pages, PDFs, and Word documents!)
  • Ask a librarian if you have questions!

Reference Databases

Try a simple search for "New Deal" or the "Great Depression" to find some excellent secondary sources!