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What should I read next?

What Should I Read Next? Enter a book (or author) that you like and the site will analyze its database of other readers' favorites and provide a list of recommendations. Join the site (for free) and create your own lists! 






Whichbook enables millions of combinations of factors and then suggests books which most closely match your  needs. Click to open up to 4 sliders and move the cursor to set your choices. For example, chose a range  between "beautiful" and "disgusting," "safe" and "disturbing," "optimistic" and "bleak," among many others. This  site is a lot of fun and lets you drill down to a very detailed search!‚Äč


Cool sites about good books

       Reading Rants; Out of the Ordinary Teen Books  

       I'm Here, I'm Queer, What the Hell do I Read?    

        Reading Teen     

        Teen Reads       

    List created by librarians at the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham, Michigan.


 Click here to search the JBS Overdrive Collection for books you may read online or check out and download to your mobile device with a fraction of the wait you will find at your local public library!

If you are a student, your ID is the same as your bookstore number.  If you are a teacher, please contact a librarian for help accessing the collection for the first time.

Need help? Here is a link to Overdrive's support page for all types of computers, mobile devices and apps so you can decide how best to access your books.

OneClick Digital

 Click here to access OneClick Digital, a database for audiobooks that you can check out and export to your computer or mobile device.

Important! You need to log on to OneClick Digital for the first time while on campus and set up your personal user name and password.  This will give you the ability to check out audiobooks from the database and use it from off campus.

Here is a link to OneClick Digital help pages, where you can find instructions and video tutorials explaining how to download audiobooks to your computer or mobile device, and which platforms and mobile apps support the book files.

Award Winners

National Book Awards, past and present 

Pulitzer Prize: Current winners and finalists; past winners and finalists 

National Book Critics Circle Award

Printz Awards  (Best books for teens award by The Young Adult Library Services Association)

Alex Awards  (A list of books written for adults which teens will love; also awarded by The Young Adult Library Services Association)

Outstanding Books for the College Bound  (revised every 5 to 7 years by The Young Adult Library Services Association)

Teens' Top Ten -- vote now!

Stonewall Book Awards (awarded by GLBTRT Round Table of the American Library Association)