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American Revolution on Trial: Reserve Books

Great resources for Mr. Hinshaw's 11th grade US History American Revolution trial.

About Trial Reserves

The books listed below are on reserve in the library for your class. They contain a great deal of useful information that goes into more detail than the reference book articles. Feel free to use the books in the library, but they may not be checked out overnight. When you have finished using a book, place it back on the reserve cart.

Obviously, you are free to search for other books in our collection and check those out, but be sure to look at the reserve cart first!

Reserve Books

  1. 973.0249 HART American History As Told by Contemporaries, Vol. 1 & 2
  2. 973.2 AMERI English Historical Documents: American Colonial Documents to 1776 
  3. 973.2 COPEL Debating the Issues in Colonial Newspapers: Primary Documents on Events of the Period 
  4. 973.2 MCCON The King's Three Faces 
  5. 973.2 SCHLE The Colonial Merchants and the American Revolution, 1763-1776 
  6. 973.3 ALLEN Tories: Fighting for the King in America's First Civil War
  7. 973.3 AMERI American Revolution- Interpreting Primary Documents
  8. 973.3 AMERIC American Political Writing During the Founding Era, 1760-1805, Vol. I & II
  9. 973.3 ARCH As if an Enemy's Country: the British Occupation of Boston and the Origins of Revolution
  10. 973.3 BOBRI Angel in the Whirlwind: the Triumph of the American Revolution 

Reserve Books

  1. 973.3 BUNKE An Empire on the Edge
  2. 973.3 CALLA Royal Raiders: the Tories of the American Revolution 
  3. 973.3 COOK The Long Fuse: How England Lost the American Colonies, 1760-1785 
  4. 973.3 ELLIS American Creation
  5. 973.3 FERLI A Leap in the Dark 
  6. 973.3 GIPSO The Coming of the Revolution, 1763-1775
  7. 973.3 HARVE "A Few Bloody Noses"
  8. 973.3 HIBBE Redcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution through British Eyes 
  9. 973.3 JENNI The Creation of America 
  10. 973.3 JOURN Journals of the Continental Congress, Vol. 5 & 6 
  11. 973.3 MIDDL The Glorious Cause 
  12. 973.3 MILLE Origins of the American Revolution 
  13. 973.3 MORGA The Birth of the Republic 
  14. 973.3 NASH The Unknown American Revolution

Reserve Books

  1. 973.3 PEARS 1776: The British Story of the American Revolution
  2. 973.3 PHILL 1775: A Good Year for Revolution
  3. 973.3 RAKOV Revolutionaries 
  4. 973.3 REPOR Reporting the Revolutionary War
  5. 973.3 SCHEE Rebels and Redcoats 
  6. 973.3 WOOD The Radicalism of the American Revolution
  7. 973.31 LUTNI The American Revolution and the British Press, 1775-1783 
  8. 973.311 KNOLL Origin of the American Revolution, 1759-1766 
  9. 973.311 KNOLL Growth of the American Revolution, 1766-1775
  10. 973.311 SLAUG Independence: The Tangled Roots of the American Revolution
  11. 973.3111 MORGA The Stamp Act Crisis 
  12. 973.32 DULL A Diplomatic History of the American Revolution