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Nicholas - Junior Projects: Home

A set of resources for juniors completing Mr. Nicholas' class assignments.

Start Your Research Here!

The library is a great place to start your research for class projects! Here are some resources the library offers: 

  • Databases - Here you can find background information on your topic. 
  • Primary Sources- Use the websites and books listed to find creditable primary sources.  
  • Books - Library books are great secondary sources. 

Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary Sources: 
Primary sources are first-hand, authoritative accounts of an event, topic, or historical time period. They are typically produced at the time of the event by a person who experienced it, but can also be made later on in the form of personal memoirs or oral histories. Think original documents.  

Secondary Sources: 
Secondary sources interpret or critique primary sources. They often include an analysis of the event that was discussed or featured in the primary source.

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