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Creating Your Own LibGuide: Home

This LibGuide provides instructions, examples, and tips for creating your own LibGuide! Created for Tech Camp 2016.

Naming Your Guide

Specific course guide:

  • Course Name or Assignment Name
    - Dr. Conklin - Environmental History Project
    - American Revolution on Trial

General subject guide:

  • Art Resources
  • Primary Resources 

Page, Box, and Layout Tools

Use the Page tool near the top of your screen to reorder and move pages (tabs) and boxes on the page.


Use the Layout tool near the top of the screen to edit the page's layout, meaning the number and width of the columns. 


Use this guide to learn how to create your own LibGuide, design a existing LibGuide, or to gather ideas for a LibGuide!

Please contact a librarian for additional assistance. We are happy to help! 

Creating a New Guide

1. Log in

2. Under the Home tab at the top of your screen, choose Create Guide

3. The Group Assignment should be Search Guide

4. Choose Use System Default Template under Start Fresh. You can change the template later. 

5. Name your guide and add a short description. Here would be a good spot to add a class name. 

6. Skip adding a password 

7. The Guide Type should be Subject Guide 

LibGuide Tools to Know

Look in the far right hand corner to change your guide to from Unpublished to Published. 

Click at the eye symbol to see what your guide will look like from the public side. 

Change your guide URL to something easily remembered. You may also add subjects and tags. Find these options at the top of your screen.


Add additional pages to your guide by clicking on the plus (+) button by your Home page.