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Creating Your Own LibGuide: Adding Media

This LibGuide provides instructions, examples, and tips for creating your own LibGuide! Created for Tech Camp 2016.

Creating Subpages

Subpages‚Äč allow you to add additional information under your top level page (one of the tabs on your guide).
For example, this page, Adding Media, is located under the page Adding Boxes. 

Under the New Page options, choose sub-page as the position and then choose
what top level page you'd like this new page to be listed under. 


Pictures and Graphics

Add graphics to your guide under the Rich Text Editor in the dropdown menu. Use the picture icon to add pictures by URL or by uploading them to the LibGuide server. 

Fig. 1. Crissman, Joshua, Lower falls of Yellowstone, c1876. Photographic print on stereo card. The Library of Congress, Washington D.C.. From: The Library of Congress, (accessed June 8, 2016).

Embedded Video

Add embedded videos through the Media/Widget option in the dropdown menu. In this option, you can only add videos with the embedded code, but if you want to add a video as a link, choose the Link option in the dropdown menu.