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Creating Your Own LibGuide: Best Practices

This LibGuide provides instructions, examples, and tips for creating your own LibGuide! Created for Tech Camp 2016.

Additional Tips

LibGuides adjust to the size of your screen (responsive). The guide column order shown on a mobile device will be left column, center column, and right column.

Process Tips

  • Gather your LibGuide content
    • Consider adding videos, graphics, and library books
    • Add instructions along with resources
  • Create your LibGuide 
    • Set up the pages in order of use
    • Consider numbering the pages 
  • Design your LibGuide
    • Think about the flow and how students will use the guide 

Design Tips

  • Use consistent fonts, text sizes, and designs
  • Add pictures and graphics to catch students' attention
  • Know about the F-shaped pattern for reading websites.
  • Check for broken links
  • Page titles are limited to four words or less
  • Limit lists to 10 items or less
  • Keep scrolling to a minimum
  • Give your guide a friendly URL
  • Update information ona regular basis
  • Create a profile and add it to the Home page