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Creating Your Own LibGuide: Adding Boxes

This LibGuide provides instructions, examples, and tips for creating your own LibGuide! Created for Tech Camp 2016.

How To Use Boxes

LibGuides​ make adding and editing boxes easy!

At the bottom of each column, there is an Add Box option. Click on it and choose from the options given.You can always edit or delete a box after it's made. You can rearrange the box's content by using the Reorder Content option in the box's dropdown menu.

Profile Box

Click on Home while you are in LibGuides mode. 


On the right hand side, click the pencil button to edit your profile. Here you can add a profile picture, an email address, and other contact information. This is a great spot to add a blog or website address! 


Profile boxes are best added just to the guide's home page!

Reuse Existing Box

Reusing an existing box will save time and improve consistency. You can link to a box or copy it into your guide.

  • Under Add New Box on a guide page, choose Reuse Existing Box
  • Select the guide which contains the box you wish to reuse
  • Rename the box title if applicable
  • If you want to copy the box and make changes, choose Make a copy of this box. Do not select this option if you want updates to the parent box to automatically carry over to your box (this is a helpful for databases and library catalog boxes!). 
  • For commonly used components, use the guide titled Teacher Reusable Resources. 

Books from the Catalog

Link users to the library catalog. Use the ISBN to import the cover from Amazon or Syndetic. Speak to a librarian for the stable catalog URL! 

Tabbed Boxes

Add tabbed boxes when creating a new box by choosing Tabbed under the Type. This is an example of using a tabbed box as a timeline. 

Interactive Poll

Favorite Shakespeare Character?
Hamlet: 0 votes (0%)
Falstaff: 0 votes (0%)
Beatrice: 1 votes (100%)
Hermia: 0 votes (0%)
Richard III: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

Simple Web Links

Ideal for quick links, and allows you to hover over a link and get more info.

Links to Other Guides

Add links to individual guides or guides that fall under a specific subject. These three guides all fall under the subject of U.S. History. 

Documents & Files

You can add handouts, documents, and files to your guide in almost any format you wish. Files are stored on LibGuides server.