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8th Grade Research Paper: Home



Welcome to the home page for the 8th grade term paper! Consider this a good starting point when you are doing your research for your topic. This guide is divided into five sections: home, books, databases, websites and ebooks.

Below this box you will see a link to Noodletools, which you will use to create and manage your bibliography, a link to a private page where you can find passwords to access our databases from off campus, and a link to the 8th grade research manual.

Noodle Tools

Using databases from off campus

You can use any of our databases from off campus if you have the correct user name and password for access. We may not post these publicly, so they reside on a Google Doc page that requires your JBS email login for access.

Click HERE to see a clickable list of databases along with their user names and passwords.

Research Help

Citation Guide

Need more help with citations? Click here to see the library's Citation Guide.