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8th Grade Research Paper: Websites

About Web Sites

Here is a list of general web sites that might be useful for your research.These are all free resources and do not require passwords for access from home. The larger government sites should have an internal search engine to help you find information more quickly.
  • Pro/Con: An independent non-profit that profiles current controversies
  • Legislative information from the Library of Congress
  • USA.Gov: As the U.S. government's official web portal, makes it easy for the public to get U.S. government information and services on the web. also serves as the catalyst for a growing electronic government.
  • GPO Access A - Z Resources: The US Government Printing Office Site provides full text access to all of their publications.
  • Landmark Supreme Court Cases: This site provides overview and detailed information about significant Supreme Court cases in US history.
  • The Oyez Project: Multimedia clips of the US Supreme Court, along with updates of court cases

Tips for finding other good web sites

Before you go out to Google to search for your topic, look through a few other sources that will point you towards some high quality resources.

  1. Look at the end of any reference book articles or database articles for the bibliography--the resources included could be fantastic for your paper!
  2. Skim through books and ebooks on your topic, keeping an eye out for what research studies and articles the books refer to. These can be great sources!