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Stamper Family Library

Confidential - Remote Access Usernames and Passwords

You can use any of our databases from off campus if you have the correct user name and password for access. We may not post these publicly, so they reside on a Google Site page that requires your JBS email login for access.

Click HERE to see a clickable list of databases along with their user names and passwords.

Term Paper Guides

Recommended Databases by Subject

Recommended Resources by Source Type

  1. Avalon Project - Major Document Collections: Large online document collection. Browse by collection or use search window
  2. Fordham University History Sourcebooks - Collection of primary source documents, organized by time period and geographical region
  3. Christian Classics Ethereal LibrarySearch or browse by title, author, or topic to find digital versions of standard Christian texts and scholarship.
  4. Documents Related to the History of International Relations, prior to 1914: Collection of documents about battles and treaties from ancient times through the 20th century
  5. Hanover Historical Texts Project
  6. Greek and Roman Materials: Collection of Greek and Roman texts from the Perseus Project
  7. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home
  8. NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources: Collections of primary and secondary sources in Medieval history
  9. Perseus Digital Library
  10. Texts and Documents - China: Collection of Chinese documents from ancient through modern times
  11. All French Revolution Documents
  12. Middle East 1916-2001
  13. Holocaust Chronicle
  14. World War I Document Archive
  15. UK National Archives

Research Help for Students

How to find Ebooks:

How to find Journal Articles: