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10th grade Term Paper: Primary Sources


Here are some good resources to try when you are looking for your primary source.  This is one of the areas where websites will be a great resource, so we include a list of some of the better document collections available online, as well as databases that include primary sources.

  1. Avalon Project - Major Document Collections: Large online document collection. Browse by collection or use search window.
  2. Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Search or browse by title, author, or topic to find digital versions of standard Christian texts and scholarship.
  3. Hanover Historical Texts Project
  4. Internet African History Sourcebook: Collection of African history primary and secondary sources from ancient times to the present day
  5. Internet East Asian History Sourcebook: Primary sources about China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam
  6. Internet History of Science Sourcebook: Collection of primary and secondary sources about science from ancient times to the present day
  7. Internet Indian History Sourcebook: Collection of Indian primary sources
  8. Internet Islamic History Sourcebook: Collection of primary and secondary sources about Islamic history
  9. Internet Jewish History Sourcebook: Collection of primary and secondary sources about Jewish history and religion
  10. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home
  11. Internet Women's History Sourcebook: Collection of primary and secondary sources about women"s history from ancient times to the present day
  12. Texts and Documents - China: Collection of Chinese documents from ancient through modern times
  13. All French Revolution Documents
  14. Middle East 1916-2001
  15. Holocaust Chronicle
  16. World War I Document Archive
  17. Internet Modern History Sourcebook
  18. UK National Archives
  19. Asia for Educators: Primary source documents from 4000 BCE to present day, curated by Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University
Please remember to use the Remote Access Passwords to search either of these databases from off campus.
  1. Salem History Online - Great Lives and Great Events- When you do a search, look for the tab "primary source"
  2. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

These print resources contain innumerable primary source documents. All of the books listed here are on reserve in the library. Ask a librarian if you need help locating the cart in the library.

  1. 303.482 LEWIS A Middle East Mosaic : Fragments of Life, Letters and History by Bernard Lewis
  2. 325.32 SMITH Imperialism; a history in documents by Bonnie Smith
  3. 327.73 UNITE The United States and Iran: A Documentary History
  4. 355 BOOK The Book of War: 25 centuries of great war writing
  5. 359 MAMMO The Mammoth Book of Eyewitness Naval Battles
  6. 808.8 HERIT Heritage of Western Civilization: select readings, edited and with introductions by John Louis Beatty and Oliver A. Johnson
  7. REF 909 Milestone documents in world history
  8. 909 ANDRE The Human Record Vol. II--Since 1500
  9. 909 EYEWI Eyewitness to History
  10. 909 MAMMO The Mammoth Book of Eye-Witness History
  11. REF 909.07 MIDDL Middle Ages (476-1500)
  12. 909 Sources of World Societies Vol. 1 to1715
  13. 909.0921 MAKER Makers of the Western Tradition Vol. 2
  14. 909.09821 SOURC Sources of the Western tradition (2 volumes)
  15. 909.09821 WESTE Western civilization; original and secondary source readings (2 volumes)
  16. 909.09821 WESTE The Western tradition (2 volumes)
  17. REF 909.6 SIMON Defining Documents in World History The 17th Century (1601-1700) Vol 1&2
  18. REF 909.7 SHALL Defining Documents in World History The 18th Century (1701-1800)
  19. 909.82 PENGU The Penguin Book Of Twentieth Century Speeches
  20. 940 VIORS Great Documents Of Western Civilization by Milton Viorst
  21. 940.2 EARLY Early Modern Europe: Crisis of Authority
  22. 940.2 EARLY Early Modern Europe: An Oxford History
  23. 940.2 ELTON Renaissance and Reformation: 1300-1648
  24. 940.2 MOSSE Europe in Review: Readings and Sources since 1500
  25. 940.2 STEAR Pageant Of Europe; Sources And Selections From The Renaissance To The Present Day by Raymond Stearns
  26. 940.28 NINET Nineteenth-Century Europe; Liberalism And Its Critics
  27. 940.3 SNYD Historic Documents Of World War I by Louis Snyder
  28. 940.5 TWENT Twentieth-Century Europe
  29. 940.53 DAWI A Holocaust Reader by Lucy Dawidowicz
  30. 940.53 SNYD Masterpieces Of War Reporting; The Great Moments Of World War II by Louis Snyder
  31. Q 940.53 WEST The West Point History of World War II, Volume 1
  32. 942 BARKE Documents Of English History (2 volumes)
  33. 942 DUNHA Complaint And Reform In England 1436-1714; Fifty Writings Of The Time On Politics, Religion, Society, Economics, Architecture, Science, And Education by William Dunham
  34. 942.055 PORTR A Portrait of Elizabeth I in the words of the Queen and her contemporaries
  35. 943.085 WEIMA The Weimar Republic Sourcebook
  36. 943.086 CREW Hitler and the Nazis : a history in documents by David F. Crew
  37. 943.086 DOCU Documents on the Holocaust
  38. 943.086 DOCU Documents on Nazism
  39. 943.086 HITL Hitler's third reich: a documentary history
  40. 943.086 MASER Hitler's Letters and Notes by Werner Maser
  41. 944.04 OLDRE The Old Regime And The French Revolution
  42. 944.08 THOMS France: Empire and Republic 1850-1940 Historical Documents
  43. 945.05 RENAI The Renaissance
  44. 947.0841 WEINB Revolutionary Russia : a history in documents by Robert Weinberg
  45. 951 CHINA The China Reader (3 volumes - Imperial, Republican and Communist China)
  46. 951 SOURC Sources Of Chinese Tradition
  47. REF 951.05 PEOPL People's Republic Of China, 1949-1979; A Documentary Survey
  48. 951.9 SOURC Sources of Korean Tradition (2 volumes)
  49. 952 SOURC Sources Of Japanese Tradition
  50. 954 SOURC Sources of Indian Tradition
  51. 956.04 ISRAE Israel-Arab Reader
  52. 956.94 FROM From Haven To Conquest; Readings In Zionism And The Palestine Problem Until 1948
  53. 956.9405 BREGM The Fifty Years War; Israel and the Arabs by Ahron Bregman
  54. 972.94 HAITI The Haitian Revolution: A Documentary History
  55. 980.31 COLON Colonial Lives: Documents on Latin American History, 1550-1850
  56. TR       Sources of World Societies Vol.1 to 1600