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10th grade Term Paper: Podcasts, etc.

Media resources

When searching for podcast episodes about specific historical people or events, it is often easier to search for your topic through an app (such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.). Just be aware that not all podcasts are created equal.

  • History Extra (covers a bunch of different topics, just scroll)
  • Noble Blood (Marie Antoinette, Nicholas II, Catherine the Great)
  • Revolutions (Russian Revolution (Romanovs, Bolsheviks) = season 10, Haitian Revolution = season 4, Simon Bolivar and Latin America = season 5, French Revolution and Napoleon = season 3.)
  • In Our Time (lots of topics, but hard to search)
  • Tides of History (some good stuff on European history)
  • Historical Figures 
  • History Chicks (podcast about different women in history - Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth I, the Romanovs, Queen Victoria)
  • There also may or may not be a podcast called Queens. The hosts may or may not use colorful language, so use your discretion...

Here are some video resources available on Youtube. You could easily find other videos pertaining to your topic by searching Youtube, but always consider the source or creator of the video.

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